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Welcome to The Click Track, a site dedicated to the evaluation of original music specially composed for film, television, and video games. The Click Track is committed to providing reliable reviews that amplify your movie experience, largely covering new film releases and taking opportunities to discuss older scores where appropriate with series and sequel installments. The site is committed to conducting responsible research, discussing current trends and technology, commenting on the entertainment industry, and above all encouraging meaningful dialogue about the art of multimedia scoring.



A treatise of sorts on film music criticism can be put together from various articles written by Lawrence Morton through the ‘40s and ‘50s, published in the Hollywood Quarterly and elsewhere. Morton held film music dear and was a fierce advocate for what was at the time a newly developing art form, leading the charge against industrialized trends and maintaining film music’s place as the musical identity of America in the twentieth century.

These publications inspired the format and aesthetic of The Click Track as a homage to age-old journalism, and as such The Click track endeavours to maintain the integrity and honesty of its predecessor.

"Good film scores may indeed be an overwhelmed minority, but they shine like good deeds in a naughty world."

-Lawrence Morton, Foreword, Film Composers in America (1953)




In an effort to appreciate art over industry The Click Track has omitted the use of a rating system. By rating the music we rate the composer, whose music is as much an individual form of self-expression as the words we write to assess it. The moment we give a score a rating is the moment we limit the composer’s potential and give them a finite value.

About the Author

Ben Erickson, BMus


A graduate of the Desautels Faculty of Music, Ben studied as a vocal performance major at the University of Manitoba, now pursuing a Masters in Choral Conducting at McGill University Schulich School of Music. In addition to authoring and editing The Click Track, Ben has written several reviews published by Film Score Monthly and has provided consultation as a member of the Winnipeg Film Group.

In approaching analysis and criticism, Ben will evaluate music within the context of the media; examining the music's functions, structural features, and stylistic considerations. In short, what the music achieves, and in some cases, what it meant to achieve.

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