• Ben Erickson

Deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds reprises his role in Deadpool 2, continuing the story of Wade Wilson as he struggles to protect a young mutant from the lethal time-traveler Cable. The 2016 Deadpool was scored by Tom Holkenborg, who departed Deadpool 2 as a show of solidarity when former director Tim Miller left the project, replaced by David Leitch. Holkenborg's score used a variety of signature percussive and electronic effects with light orchestral adornments that were laughably plain and unmemorable, despite having a desired effect on the film. When Holkenborg dropped out Tyler Bates was tapped as the sequel composer, having worked with Leitch on John Wick and Atomic Blonde. Despite the controversy around his score for 300, Bates is in high demand, composing both Guardians of the Galaxy films and a wack of other hits besides. Though the music comes off as an altogether nondescript exercise among superhero scores Bates' work on Deadpool 2 is far less forgettable than its predecessor, made invariably more epic by use of additional choral elements that incited an impromptu exploration of expletives in the recording studio. By doing this the score achieves a level of self-awareness much in keeping with Deadpool's character, notorious for breaking the fourth wall and led by a sardonically heroic trumpet theme. Other distinguishable features include a secondary devil-may-care melody in the choir better suited to the character and the impressive aptitude for orchestration Bates has developed, making for a very effective in-film experience.